2019 Wedding Trends

2019 Wedding Trends

2019 has arrived, so let’s look forward to what we are anticipating being the biggest trends of the year ahead.

Coral colours

The Pantone ‘Colour of the Year’ often plays a key role in dictating colour trends across the board, from fashion to interiors to weddings and for 2019, that colour is ‘Living Coral’.  It is a cheery colour that is perfect for weddings and would be perfectly suited to the Barn here at The Crown Inn.  It is a beautiful hue to incorporate through many aspects of your day, be it bridesmaid dresses, accents in bridal jewellery, through your flowers, your cake or your stationary and decor.

A return to simple wedding dresses

Meghan Markle is really setting the trend here, as we see a move to more minimalist, classic styles thanks to her bateau-necked, simple, silk gown.  Without the distraction of lace and embellishment, tailoring becomes even more important to make sure that the fit is just right for you.  It’s a modern look that often accommodates more comfort and practicality over an extravagant aesthetic and part of this modern classicism is giving rise to pocketed wedding dresses – a lovely way to keep sentiment and valuables close to you on your big day.

At one with the outdoors

Greenery has been creeping into the wedding flower remit for a little while now, think eucalyptus, palms, herbs, aspidistra and fern.  For 2019 weddings, greenery continues to evolve into a classic ‘go to’ for bouquets and floral arrangements as we see bridal florals become increasingly organic and lush.

Through 2019 we are also expecting to see much more of the outside being brought indoors, through floral embellishments and arrangements throughout the venue, not just on the tables and in the bouquets.  Think trailing greenery down the aisle, or hanging arrangements behind the alter or the vow ceremony.

Scenting your wedding

Whilst here at the Barn, we have to be careful about the candles we allow on site, it is a trend of 2019 to fragrance your big day.  Much like you would choose a special perfume to wear, you can choose the scent that you want people experiencing on the day and the memories that you want them walking away with.

There are so many ways to achieve fragrance at your wedding, starting with introducing it to your floral arrangements and greenery using a fragrant herb like lavender for example.  Diffusers are also starting to prove a popular way of scenting your venue in line with your vision for the day.

Three-piece suits for grooms

In keeping with the modern elegance of the contemporary bridal style that we have discussed, we will see a rise in sharp styles for men, with a resurgence in popularity for the three piece suit.  An impeccably tailored suit on a groom will become a stand out part of the day, tying in with a modern style and a sense of practicality when the evening arrives and the jacket can be removed and the sleeves pushed up without losing any flair from the outfit.

Conscious Ceremonies and Ethical Weddings

Here again, we see the influence of the Duchess of Sussex and her love, Prince Harry, as an ethical and eco consciousness is ever more at the forefront of couples’ minds in planning their weddings.  This is also in part thanks to Princess Eugenie who ensured that her wedding to Jack Brooksbank was plastic free in every possible respect.

From plastic free to the charitable donation’s requests from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in lieu of gifts, there is a rising awareness around some of the most pressing issues facing society today.  Other ways to bring an ethical conscious to your wedding include foam free flower installations, to locally sources food and ingredients, to clothing made using ethical practices.  Sustainability is more than just a fashion trend and it seems that in 2019 couples and the wedding industry will be taking more notice.

Low floral arrangements

An insta-prevalent trend we’re noticing is swapping traditional round tables and centerpieces with long banquet tables and a different style of floral arrangement and decor.  In a move to create more inclusivity and interaction, floral arrangements are lower; think trailing foliage and rows of low flowers down the length of the banquet tables.  Guests can see each other, the happy couple can sit in the middle without feeling like they are on display, and it makes for wonderful photos.   Elaborate candelabras are being snubbed for more subtle arrangements and a nod to more natural, boho inspired styles.

Grazing tables & wholesome food

This is a trend that has been bubbling away but that we feel will really come to the fore though 2019; couples are starting to shun canapés with their drinks reception in favour of grazing tables that are often presented like works of art.  Couples are looking for laidback ways to offer tasty, wholesome food throughout the day; in the form of sharing plates and farm-to-fork concepts.  If this carries through, guests will never have to worry about missing the canapé tray again!

What are you hoping to see in 2019?  Are you planning on tapping into any of these trends?  Is there anything that you want to bring to life at The Crown Inn?  We are ready to host whatever magic you might be planning.  Just get in touch with Chloe, our Wedding and Event Coordinator to find out more: enquiries@thecrowninnpishill.co.uk