5 things you need to know about pets at Weddings

5 things you need to know about pets at Weddings

We welcome pets here at The Crown Inn, whether they be here for a quick lunch stopover or one of the most important days of your life. Here are our top tips on things you need to think about when including your furry or feathered friend at your Wedding.

Pets at weddings

Do inform your photographer so they can start thinking about unique photos that they want to stage and create. It is also a good idea to include your pet when you have your pre-wedding shoot, so you can all get used to posing together and thinking about which photos you want to create on your special day. A wonderful source of inspiration is Pinterest and we have created a special board full of cute pet images right here for you.

How does your pet react amongst a crowd of people? Will they love the attention or cower in the corner? The surroundings and routine will be very much out of the ordinary for them, if you think it is going to be too much for them, then it is only fair they are left with a pet-setter for the duration of your wedding.

Letting guests know in advance
The reason it is so important to let guests and children know in advance is to alleviate any problems on the day such as guests with allergies or a terrible fear of animals such as dogs or horses. You can inform guests by adding a sentence or two on your wedding invitations or joining instructions.

Safety at the venue
As safe and secure as the Crown Inn can possibly be, we would urge they are kept on the lead or held. As you would do when you are out walking with them, make sure you remember some extra poop bags and someone is with them at all times.

Pet sitter
Whilst you are exchanging your vows and having drinks and dinner, you won’t want to be holding a lead or watching out to make sure your pet hasn’t escaped. Ask a close friend or family member to look after your pet until it is time for them to be taken home.

Their special outfit
From flower crowns to cute little bows and ribbons think about what you want them to wear and will they keep it on! Don’t wait until the actual day, have a few practice runs to let them get used to having some-thing a bit different on them. Ask your florist what they’ve created previously and what they think will suit your fluffy loved one.

Don’t forget to pack some of their favourite treats, water bowl, food and if they are staying over with you, their bed and blanket. It is a big day, by having some of their familiar things like their bed or some toys gives them reassurance and home comfort.

If you’d like to arrange a time to visit us to talk about your pet-friendly wedding, we will certainly give you and your pet a warm welcome.