Meet the Experts – Gabrielle McMillan Photography

Meet the Experts – Gabrielle McMillan Photography

We’re so excited to be bringing you a series of ‘Meet the Expert’ interviews where we introduce you to some of our fabulous recommended suppliers as well as other local businesses that are doing amazing things in the wedding and events industry.

This week we’re introducing one of our favourite photographers that has worked with couples here, at The Crown Inn, Gabrielle McMillan:

Gabrielle, tell us a bit about yourself, your offering and how you got into this industry:

I am a full-time photographer, I work in all areas of photography including weddings which I love.  I am also a mum of two and I’ve been married for sixteen years, all of which makes me pretty lucky and very happy!

I did a degree in photography and just got asked to photograph weddings, at first I was a bit reluctant due to the amount of pressure photographing a wedding, but 12 years later I still love it and I’m so honoured to be part of all my lovely couples wedding days.

What is your favourite part of your job as a wedding photographer?:

My favourite part of the job is photographing and witnessing the happiest day of a couple’s life, that is such a privilege puts me on a total high, it’s an honour!  Plus weddings are always fun which makes it so easy going to work!

Are there any types of weddings that you absolutely love working on?  Also, are there any wedding photography trends are you predicting for 2019?:

I love weddings that represent the couple, all the details are so personal and thoughtful giving a real insight into the bride and groom.

As for predictions anything goes these days so I’m sure we will be seeing more flamboyant and surreal backdrops for inventive wedding days!

What tips or advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of planning their big day?:

Enjoy it and take your time; do what you want to do.  Go for suppliers that suit you and your style, not just the cheapest or the most expensive either.

Is there any particular type of wedding that you would love to photography or a ‘set up’ that you haven’t yet had the chance to create?:

I like the idea of snowy mountain tops, ice sculptures maybe.  I’ve been really lucky so far I’ve photographed some truly wonderful couples in some fantastic locations which I wouldn’t have been to ordinarily.

What would your dream celebrity wedding to photograph be?:

Hmm well I think its an honour to shoot all weddings as each and every one is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but if I could choose someone…Maybe Dolly Parton, but she’s already married and has been for 50 years apparently so missed the boat on that one!

Also, do you have any thoughts on The Crown Inn as a wedding venue or tips for couples looking for photography inspiration for the venue that you might be able to share?:

The Crown is a beautiful wedding venue and so versatile giving the couple a fantastic space to make their own.  The staff are all lovely which makes a massive difference couples need people you can rely on and trust.

Thanks so much to Gabrielle for answering our questions, what a great way to kick off our ‘Meet the Expert’ series.  We’ve got plenty more expert interviews that we can’t wait to share with you…

If you want to know more about our venue and how we can make your day special, whatever the season, get in touch with our Wedding and Event Co-ordinator Chloe: