Wedding insurance – What you need to know

Wedding insurance – What you need to know

There are so many reasons why wedding insurance should be at the top of your wedding planning list, having the backup if something were to go wrong during the lead up to your big day or on the day itself could save you thousands of pounds.

Getting your wedding insurance sorted early will give you the piece of mind that it has been paid for in advance and taken care of. Another big tick off your list.

Why do we need wedding insurance?

If you need to cancel or rearrange your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, wedding insurance will help claim the costs that have been spent back.

Wedding insurance can cover anything from having to cancel your entire wedding to wedding entertainers not turning up, theft, loss or damage of things like rings, gifts and photographs. Almost every eventuality that you can think of.  If one of your suppliers was to let you down or fall ill, you can make a claim.

How much does it cost?

This will depend entirely on which package you choose.  Several insurance providers will offer different levels of cover, ranging from £10,000 up to £100,000 and more.  You will need to keep a record of what you’ve spent, print off and file all your supplier invoices and check that your policy fully covers the cost of your wedding.

You will need to do your research and look at all the different policies and find one that is right for you. A good comparison website is ‘Compare Wedding’, they have comparison tables which lists a range of competitive policies.

Travel Insurance

Going on honeymoon? Don’t forget your travel insurance. This is a separate insurance and travel insurance policies can really differ when it comes to how much protection they offer. As a general rule, they will usually cover you for delays, cancellation, lost or stolen baggage or belongings and personal liability.

As a venue, we don’t enforce this upon our couples we simply advise couples to take it out.

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